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Read: The principle of use of diesel generator sets

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Preparation before the diesel generator set starts
1. Check the oil level of the lubricant, the coolant level, and the amount of fuel.
2. Check the water supply, lubrication, cooling and other systems of diesel engine and the phenomenon without leakage of oil leakage.
3. Check if there is no hidden danger such as leakage of the electrical line, whether the grounding wire electrical line is loose, and whether the unit and the foundation connection are firm.
4. If the ambient temperature is below zero, a certain proportion of antifreeze is required to add a proportion of antifreeze.
5, the diesel generator sets first started or stopped after a long time, and should first use the hand pressure pump to exhaust the air in the fuel system.
Diesel generator set started
1. When the insurance in the control box is closed, press the start button, press the button 3 ~ 5s, if the startup is unsuccessful, should wait for 20s to start again. If it is unsuccessful for multiple startup, the startup operation should be stopped, and after the failure factor such as the battery voltage or oil circuit is once again launched.
2. When startup, a few oil pressures should be observed. If the oil pressure is not displayed or low, it should be closed immediately.

Diesel generator set
1. After the unit starts, check the parameters of the control box module; oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc.
2. Under normal circumstances, the unit starts directly to the rated speed; if there is an idle speed, the idle speed is generally 3 to 5 min, and the idle speed is not too long, otherwise it may burn the generator-related components.
3. Check the leakage of the oil passage, waterway and electrical appliances
4. Check the fastening of the connectors of the unit to see if there is no looseness and dramatic vibration.
5. Whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the observation unit is normal
6. When the rotation reaches the rated speed, the parameters of the airborne operation are stable, and the closing is powered.
7. Check if the parameters of the control screen are within the allowable range, check the vibration of the unit again, there is no three missions and other faults.
8. It is strictly forbidden to overload when the unit is running.

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