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Purchase knowledge of mine diesel generator set

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With the increasingly developed economy, the demand for mineralism in the country is increasing, and many private enterprises have stimulated their eyes to minerals, and there are many companies that are not developing overseas, buy one The hill is started to exploit a variety of ore. For example, some in the Philippines mining iron mines, some in Ethiopia mining copper mine. Due to the particularity of the mine, the diesel generator is often required as a power source. So, choose the mineDiesel generator setsWhat are the precautions?
First, due to the general motor power in the mine, the power of diesel generator is generally 300KW. Some power will reach more than 2000kW.
Second, there is a voltage of 660V or even higher than this diesel generator set.
Finally, the diesel generator set must use common power, and it is not possible to select power.Diesel generatorsOtherwise, it may not meet the power required to start the own device to start, resulting in losses. More information consultation Our Ministry of Education: 091-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032, 400-0991036

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