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△ Note: Diesel generator coolant:

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△ Note: Resolutely not allowing the use of seawater to cool the diesel engine.
When the diesel engine is used below 0 °, the coolant should be severely refrigerated to freeze the part. Therefore, whenever the diesel engine ends running, the coolant of each portion should be pushed, and the model using the closed circulation cooling system can be applied to the antifreeze coolant of the appropriate aggregation according to the local environment.
When applying flammable landlord coolant, it is a flammable product due to ethylene glycol and alcohol, and should pay attention to fire safety. Diesel engines should be cleaned before using antifreeze coolars, and prevent new chemical precipitation from producing new chemical precipitation to avoid affecting the cooling effect. Any diesel engine with antifreeze coolant does not have to release the coolant after each parking, it is necessary to regularly supplement and examine its ingredients.
△ Note: Don't use 100% antifreeze as a coolant
If the diesel cooling system is too much, it can be cleaned with a cleaning solution. The cleaning liquid can be formulated by water, soda and water glass, i.e., 40 g of soda and 10g water glass per liter of water. When cleaning, the cleaning liquid was inserted into the diesel machine to cool the water chamber, driving to the water temperature greater than 600 ° C, continued to run for about two hours, then release the cleaning liquid, after cooling, rinse with clean fresh water, then rinse Infusion of cooling water, driving, so that the water temperature reaches 75 ° C, stop the sewage, and induct new cooling water.

Below is the information we provide for you to buy diesel generators:
1. Model of generator sets, rated power, rated frequency, rated voltage, rated current, phase, power factor, and wiring mode.
2, diesel engine, generator and control requirements for performance, structure, installation size requirements.
3. Requirements for performance and automation functions of generator sets.
4. Parallel requirements of the generator set: If you purchase multiple units at the same time, whether it is required to operate in parallel; if you need parallel operation, you should also provide the measuring instrument G9 and apparatus required to provide parallel.
5, the subsidiary equipment requirements of the generator set: Cooling tank (radiator), fuel tank, exhaust muffler, battery and other installation requirements.

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