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Multinational giants monopolized gas power generation equipment domestic equipment

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At present, there is almost all built in China, and the natural gas generators built are from multinational giants, the US GE, Siemens, Japan Mitsubishi has monopolized the Chinese market with advanced technology and equipment. More serious is that China has no good policies for multinational giants, China has no good policy, and monopoly will continue.
Experts pointed out that the consequences of monopoly will inevitably pay high costs, but this cost is not only borne by China's power plant, but will also be burdened by the whole people. To this end, domestic natural gas power generation equipment needs to be break.
\"Three Great Mountains\"
Although there is only less than 50 million kilowatts of natural gas in ChinageneratorGroup, but with the aggrain of environmental pressure, as well as national policies to the inclinement of clean energy, China Electric Power Enterprise is expected that by 2020, China's natural gas generating installed model will reach 100 million kilowatts.
The Chinese natural gas power generation market cake is huge, and the attraction of equipment manufacturers can also be seen. But for power generation operators, the foreground is not so good. A person in charge of Huadian Group did not want to be famous, complained about the\"China United Business News\" reporter, Huadian currently has 7.28 million kilowatts of natural gas generation machine, but only 600 million yuan in 2013, than 1.2 billion yuan in the previous year. The whole decreased half. And if the coal price of the same size, the profit of its contribution should be around 3.5 billion yuan according to the 2013 coal price.
In fact, the situation of Huadian Group is only the epitome of China's natural gas power generation. Including the domestic natural gas power generation enterprises, including five major electricity, CNOOC, etc., last year, the profits of this sector have fallen sharply.
Lin Boqiang, director of the Energy Economic Research Center of Xiamen University, told reporters that the factors constraints of natural gas power are multiple factors, but the gas source, air supply and power generation equipment is the three high walls in front of natural gas power generation.
The gas source is a raw material problem that solves natural gas power generation. There is not enough gas source, and natural gas power is not talked. In 2013, China's natural gas imports reached 53 billion cubic meters, an increase of 25%. The price is the decisive factor affecting the economics of natural gas, compared to the coal-fired, wind power Internet power supply, natural gas power generation has little competitive, and natural gas prices have great rising space. Power generation equipment such as gas turbines has also been largely restrictions on the development of natural gas power generation.
Multinational giant monopoly market
According to the National Energy Administration, the National Energy Administration has shown that my country's gas power generation core technology has not fully mastered, leading to expensive import equipment, and affects power generation. Although domestic manufacturing companies can be manufactured, assemble gasgeneratorGroup, but key technologies such as machine design, heat parts materials, and cooling and thermal insulation coating have not yet achieved substantial breakthroughs, and thermal components such as combustion engine combustors, and turbine leaves are still completely rely on imports.

The importance cost of importing gas power generation equipment often makes China Power Plant talks.
According to the reporter, since the completion of the Shanghai Caoqian natural gas power plant, only in 2009 - 2011, the Caoqi Power plant took an amazing 383 million yuan to overhaul maintenance, exceeding 13% of its total investment.
Ziqi Power Plants, which is sold by Shanghai Electric Power, providing electricity and heating in Shanghai Chemical Park, which purchased 2 US GE production of 300 mega gas generators, but due to core technology, important maintenance links still Seriously relying on GE, but have to pay high costs.
In fact, the encounter of the Caojing Power Plant is universal in China. According to statistics, there are currently all of China has been built, and the natural gas generators built in China come from multinational giants, the United States GE, Siemens, Japan, Mitsubishi, has monopolized the Chinese market with advanced technology and equipment.
More serious is that monopoly will last for a long time. According to the National Energy Administration, the natural gas power generation investigation internal information, \"\" natural gas generator foreign technology monopoly is difficult to solve during the short term, even more than ten years. \"

The consequences of monopoly will inevitably pay high costs, this cost is not only borne by China's power plant, but will also be borne by the whole people.
A more typical example is Shanghai Garden Hotel Distributed Gas Power Station. According to estimates, Shanghai Garden Hotel distributed energy projects have higher maintenance costs. If they are converted to electricity, their power generation costs need to be increased by 0.21 yuan / degrees.
\"At present, the natural gas power plant will talk about the tiger color of the maintenance cost, but there is no power.\" A person who did not want to be famous in the Huaneng Group said that due to the low degree of gas turbine, key core technologies are in foreign companies, and domestic power plants annually. It is necessary to pay it to the cost of\"Price Don't\", for the maintenance and upgrade of the main core components.
Domestic equipment needs to be taken
In fact, the short-term service of multinational electric giant monopoly, the initial equipment purchase fee is also kept in the long-term\"price stability \" due to monopoly According to the reporter, the construction cost of the natural gas power plant is 3,000 yuan / kW, although it is slightly lower than the coal, it remains at this level.
This has made a stark contrast with other clean energy equipment in China's rapid price reduction.
When the wind turbine has not yet large-scale domesticated, the wind turbines produced by GE have sold 7000-8000 yuan / kW, but after the manufacture of their own wind turbines, GE and other prices fell to 4,000 yuan / kW. There are also solar panels, photovoltaic inverters, etc. similar to wind power equipment.
However, domestic equipment has always been difficult to break through the natural gas industry chain, mining from upstream to downstream power generation. For example, in the shale gas mining technology link, GE has oil pump and mobile generator; in terms of energy transmission, GE adds a small liquefied natural gas business; in terms of power generation, GE has a variety of gas generators.
Especially worrying that the current technical and equipment monopoly of foreign giants, China has no good policies, can only build a platform between the same type of unit enterprise, form a burnout library, carry out equipment and spare parts between cooperation power plants The deployment service, improve the usage rate of spare parts, reduce the cost of the company; and domestic enterprises can only use the CSA to renew the opportunity to renew the contractual negotiations, join local maintenance personnel training requirements to promote equipment maintenance of localization process .

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