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Method for cooling the water-cooled diesel generator room

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Diesel generator room must perform a reasonable design, especially well to be treated, and the wind and exhaust requirements of diesel generators are very strict, design a good room, will use the use of diesel generators. Improve efficiency, how to enter the cooling treatment of the diesel generator room: When the water source is sufficient, when the water temperature is low, the water cooling is preferably used, that is, water is refrigerant, and the air in the diesel generator room is cooled. The conditions for designing water-cooled power stations are, there must be sufficient natural water sources; such as well water, spring water, river water, lake water, etc. or other water sources that can be utilized; water quality is good, non-toxic, tasteless, no sick bacteria, do not corrode metal; The content of inorganic and organic matter such as sediment should meet the standard requirements; the water is low, the difference between the temperature and water cooling water temperature of the diesel generator room is more than 15 degrees Celsius, and ZUI is not less than 10 degrees Celsius. If the water temperature is high, it will be small in the wind, the air supply system is large, and it will inevitably increase construction investment and operating costs. Compared with other cooling methods, water-cooled power stations is that the amount of ventilation and exhaust are small, so that the air-free pipeline and exhaust pipe are smaller; the water-cooled power station is small in the external atmospheric temperature, regardless of the season's room Air cooling. The disadvantage is that this cooling method cannot be used when the amount of water is large, limited by the water source, and this cooling method cannot be employed when the engine has no low temperature water source. The water-cooled power station cooling mode can be used in a water-water type cooling method, which is water washing air. Since the air air air is in contact with the water droplets, the cooling and cooling heat exchange effect is better, and the harmful dust in the air of the generator room is also partially washed to washant to purify it. Water-cooled power stations can also use the surface cooling mode, that is, the hot air of the room is hot in the surface of the metal cooler and the cooling water. The advantage of this cooling method is that the cooling system can be flexibly organized, configured as needed, not occupying or less than the area of ​​diesel generator. For example, some closed cycle cooling diesel generator sets with a head radiator, which is generally not used in a closed power station machine room, and the diesel engine can be cooled into an open system, and the cooling water is transferred in the head radiator. To achieve the temperature of the equipment room, eliminate the heat of the power station. Today's water-cooled generator room cools will introduce this! Friends who don't understand can come to our company.

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