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Maintenance and maintenance of diesel generator set heat sink

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The diesel generator group generates calories during operation. If the heat is not available, the temperature is too high, and it is easy to burn the diesel generator set, so it is necessary to maintain good heat dissipation. First, the machine room must have a good ventilation effect; the other is to maintain the normal operation of the diesel generator set heat sink. Among them, the maintenance of the diesel generator sets is very important.
Diesel generator set heat sink maintenance method:
Diesel generator set heat sink maintenance knowledge 1 Note: Corrosion may be the main cause of failure in the radiator. This is because the air in the water accelerates corrosion. To keep the pipe joints do not leak, and periodically add water from the top of the radiator to keep the system \"no gas\". The radiator should not be in part of the injection of water, as this will accelerate corrosion. For a generator that does not work, all the water is smashed or filled. If possible, with distilled water or natural soft water and add an appropriate amount of rust.
Note that the coolant of the heat sink is usually very hot and is compressed. It is not possible to organize the radiator or remove the tube when not cool, do not work or open the fan protection cover when the fan is rotated.
Maintenance knowledge of diesel generator sets 2 External cleaning: in a large or contulsive environment, the seam of the heat sink may be blocked by debris, insect, etc., which will affect the efficiency of the heat sink. Cleaning of these light deposits can be sprayed with low pressure hot water, and the vapor or water is ejected from the front of the radiator. If ejection from the opposite direction will only force the dirt into the center. When using this method, it is necessary to use a cloth barrier diesel engine and an alternator. The stubborn deposits cannot be removed in the following methods, and the heat sink can be removed in the hot alkali water for about 20 minutes, and then rinse with hot water.
Diesel generator set heat sink maintenance knowledge 3 internal cleaning: If the joint is leaking, there is no choice for a long time to use a hard water irrigation, or because the power is running for a while and uses no needle, the system may block the scale. . Clearing scale can be made as follows:
(1). Water is drained from the heat dissipation system and then remove the pipe from the place where the diesel engine is connected.
(2). Accurate 4% of the extensive acid solution and water, pour the acid solution into the water, do not follow.
(3). Wait a few minutes, then mix it, then heating the solution to 49 ° C (120 ° F), which is the ZUI high point and cannot be high.
(4). Slowly use the solution through the filter cap or a branch into the pipe, which will boil the foam. When the chemical reaction is stopped, the heat of the heat is filled with heat.
(5). Let the solution stay in the system for a few minutes, then put the solution from the bottom pipe or drain outlet back to the original container.
(6). Check the inside of the water tank, such as still dima, then repeat the above steps, the acid solution is increased to 8%.
(7) After descaling, press the reaction in the following steps: Plus the container to be filled with water, heated to the boiling point, plus the daily combing crystals, as follows: 500g comb Paper 20 liters Water (1 pound 4 Golden Water), in which this solution is inserted into the heat sink, and then it flows back to the original container.
(8). The heat exchanger was rolled several times with the above method, and the RAN was stopped after filling it to a radiator to a small hour. Rinse with hot water after emptying.
(9). Before using the radiator, use the normal working pressure to test the non-leakage, sometimes due to the removal of scale, there is water leakage.
(10). Prior to Running, the coolant is to add a necessary corruption and the appropriate amount of condensing agent.
Remarks: To pay attention to the heat sink, prevent the empty tank from running.

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