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Light payment: Ukraine to Crimeon transmission

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The local time is 22nd, Crimea leads to Ukraine border traffic being closed. On the evening of the 23rd, a large-scale power outage occurred in the Crimean Peninsula.
The local time of the President of the Crimea Federal District announced that the Ukrainian border guards unilaterally closed from Crimea to Ukraine. According to the report, the border port traffic is closed at 16:00 on the 22nd of Crimea (Beijing time 22). Close the port causing many people can't transit, including those who have been stationed in Crimea and now decide to return to Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine. For Ukraine, the Presidential Representative Office of the Crimea Federal District has condemned that it is clear that Ukraine is in manufacturing provocation, in order to push the unable to transit to Crimea, the purpose is to intensify in this way The situation in the border area is tight. However, according to local media on the 23rd of the 23rd, Crimea's first deputy prime ministers revealed that the traffic between Crimea and Ukraine has recovered, and Ji Mirijev said, current \ The border is completely operation, the shipments and passengers of both sides have been opened. However, on the 24th morning, there are still vehicles from Crimea to Hull Songzhou without being allowed by Ukraine. According to reports, Cremia and Both Ukraine have strengthened the inspection efforts of customs clearance vehicles and personnel in the border area, so although the port has resumed, the speed is still slow.
According to reports, 8 o'clock on the 23rd (2 am Beijing time), a large-scale power outage occurred in the Crimean Peninsula, and the scope of power failure includes the Crimean Casta Hinfulu and K., Yalta, Alrel. Tower and other peninsula areas. In this regard, the first deputy Prime Minister of Crimea said that this is mainly due to Ukraine's aspects of Crimea's transmission \"decreases half \". Jeanir Galileeevery accused Ukraine as in the way of power outages to Crimea residents \"applied pressure \". He said that the Ukrainian government's behavior \"very stupid \",\"In addition to the power outage, Ukraine is already helpless to Crimea,\" The debt and price issues have not been resolved, and this practice of the Ukrainian government will further intensify the anti-government emotions in the southeastern Ukrainian region.
At the same time, Jeanir Gali, said that in Ukraine scales, Crimea has already prepared. He said that the current Miyin mobile generator in Crimea is operated to ensure the operation of hospitals, pumping stations, and government agencies. In addition, Crimea is still beginning to implement the 9 high-power large-scale generators to prevent the Ukrainian government from completely cut off the supply of Crimea's electricity. It is reported that these large generators will be installed after 1 and a half months. For power failure, the Ukrainian national news agency reported that this power failure is due to large-scale damage to the high-voltage power grid of Crimea Electric Power Company, and the power supply can be resumed 24 morning.
However, it is reported that until 6 o'clock in the morning of the 24th, there is still no one-third of the entire Crimea still has no resumption. In the Journal of Crimean, the capital of the Crimea, Sedfulo Pubal, on the evening of the 23rd,\"Central District \" part and most of the\"Kiev District \" and the suburbs have reply on the same day. Power supply.

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