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Iraqi power supply shortage, many home homeless generators

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If you fly in the south of Iraq in the night, then you can understand how bad it is in Iraq's power. In not far from Kuwait City, the brightest lights at night come from high-rise buildings or highways. However, Iraq is not the case. The brightest light in Iraq comes from Oilfield; where the exploitable natural gas comes directly from the mining oil is directly burned. In this way, Iraq's annual waste of natural gas is up to 12 billion cubic meters - more than Austria's annual natural gas consumption is more.
However, Iraq cannot guarantee that the domestic people enjoy all-weather stable power supply. Oilfield is still burning useless natural gas. At the same time, Iraq purchased natural gas from the neighboring European price from the neighboring European price, purchased electricity from the Turkish barge of the Gulf. Many Iraqis havegeneratorTheir power generation occupies 8% of Iraq's national power supply, and each family's own cost is up to 1,000 dollars per month, and one-third of the family annual income is used to power generation.
Long-term war and economic sanctions destroyed Iraq's power supply network. Although the current situation is improved, the current 13 giga power supply distance is quite a quarter. By 2030, Iraq's power supply demand will soar to 42 GM, and now there is a big gap between the power supply distance. Insufficient power supply has brought many difficulties for the Iraqis life, especially in hot summer. In addition, insufficient power supply also limits industrial development. Hussein Shahristani, Vice Premier Domestic Energy, said that the power supply caused in Iraq's annual loss of $ 40 billion.
Rational use of oilfield torch gas will help. As Iraq's oil production will continue to rise in the next few years - if the government plan can be implemented, the future petroleum production will increase to 9 million barrels per day, which is 3 times the existing production - oil field production Natural gas is also soaring. Basra Gas Company is a joint venture established by the British Shell, Japan Mitsubishi and Iraqi, South Gas Company. The company has signed a contract, agreeing to recycle oilfield torch gas for Iraqi power plants. However, this contract is annoying a number of companies in the Iraqi energy industry. These companies said that the contract allowed Iraq's natural gas to be almost monopolized by foreign companies. In addition, once domestic demand is met, Basra Natural Gas can also deliver liquefied natural gas into the seductive Asian market - this is also the cause of many dissatisfaction.
The natural gas recycling project has not progressed smoothly like some people. The Iraqi government hopes to end the oilfield torch phenomenon before 2015. However, the three oilfields in the project have now reached 1.1 billion cubic feet. At present, Basra Natural Gas can recycle 400 million cubic feet a day. The company said that by 2016, its recycling capacity will reach 1 billion cubic feet. But at that time, oil production will increase, and natural gas production will also increase. It will be appreciated that all oil mining companies in the South are willing to adjust their oil mining plans to facilitate competitors to set up natural gas recovery equipment and delivery pipelines.
Iraq must establish a new power plant and convince foreign private companies to invest in new power plants. However, large bidding plans for the establishment of four independent power plants have finally lost in 2011. Recently, two small-scale agreements were approved; in addition, the Iraqi government was also discussing more bidding. However, George Sarraf, one of the Boss partners, said that many large investors are seeking for a lack of clear investment frameworks and fuel supply contract terms. Boss helped the Iraqi government to design a long-term energy plan.
If there is no private capital, in 2035, Iraq's electric sector needs $ 140 billion in funds for power supply. Petroleum revenue will pay for this part, just as before. But Sarah said that the Iraqi government department has not yet operated multiple projects. Since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, many engineers have escaped in this country.

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