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Installation of diesel generator sets and supporting systems

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First, computer room design
1. The unit should be arranged laterally, and when it is limited by the building site, it can be arranged longitudinally.
2. When the equipment room is adjacent to the control room, the generator outlet and the cable ditch should be close to the distribution chamber.
3. The battery should be close to the side of the motor.
4. The machine room should have enough fresh air imports. Hot air and exhaust pipes should be extended out of the outlet, and the air inlet should be placed on the motor side and the vent is disposed on the water tank.
5. The machine room should use the unit silentening and comprehensive management measures. 1. The unit should be arranged laterally, and when it is limited by the building site, it can be arranged vertically.
two,Generator setInstallation of the base
1. Pour a reinforced concrete base on the floor.
2. The concrete base should pass through a pressure test of 173KPa.
3. The concrete base should be higher than the floor at least 150 mm, and at least 150 mm per side of the chassis chassis.
4. The engine and the damper must be installed between the engine and the fuel tank.
5. The structure of the tank structure and strength must be capable of withstanding the static load and moving load of the unit.
6. There must be a certain distance between the bottom of the tank and the ground to facilitate maintenance and maintenance.
Third, the installation of the exhaust system
1. Use a hanger or a bracket to support the exhaust pipe and a supercharger;
2. The bellows are strictly prohibited to act as elbow and compensation installation.
3. For the unit of 200KW, the stainless steel bellows are used for more than 610 mm;
4. Horizontal laying exhaust pipe set 0.3-0.5% slope, slope to outdoor, Zui low-point sewage valve;
5. When configuring the engine exhaust pipe, it is forbidden to use the diameter of less than the exhaust port;
6. When the exhaust pipe must be bent upward, the drainage plug should be set in the raised starting point.
7. When multiple generator sets are installed, they need special attention to the shared exhaust pipe.
Fourth, the installation of the cooling system
1. The air blowway should be set on both sides of the generator end or generator, and the area should be larger than 2.2 times the area of ​​the water tank.
2. The air outlet area should be 1.5 times the area of ​​the water tank and should be installed on the air outlet and the windshield.
3. Use the flexible airway flange to connect, absorbers displacement and vibration, prevent noise transmission.
4. Hot air must be discharged to the machine room through the airway, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the airway should be transitioned from small to a large-scale, such as the flap, and must be installed to reduce pressure loss.
5. When the ambient temperature is higher than the design temperature, consider the power usage.

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