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How to deal with the voltage of the diesel generator set

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I believe that many users will encounter diesel generator sets in the process of using diesel generators, what is the reason? How should we deal with? The following is the cause and solution of diesel generator set voltage and solution:
Reasons for the voltage unstable diesel generator set: Diesel generator set voltage unstable method:
1. The wire wiring part is loose, check the connection parts of the diesel generator set, and repairs.
2, the control screen voltage-current selection switch failed to replace the diesel generator set.
3, the control screen voltage adjusts the resistor to fail, replace the voltage regulator resistor.
4, the voltage gauge invalid, the display voltage is unstable and replaced with new voltages.
5, the voltage regulator is poor or the regulator is not adjusted, and if the voltage regulator is poor or not adjusted. Instant replacement or adjustment.
6. It may be excessively caused by vibration in the operation of diesel generator sets, and instant viewing is not damaged or unit imbalance in the generator set.
7. It may be that the speed of the engine is unstable caused voltage unstable, adjusting or changing the diesel fuel system parts to stabilize its speed.

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