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How long does the diesel generator group replace it

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The general diesel generator sets After a period of time, it needs to be replaced by the oil. How long does it take to replace the oil machine oil of the diesel generator set? For some users who are unfamiliar with the use of diesel generators, it is sometimes difficult to identify.

First, we must learn about different diesel generators and different power diesel generators, which are not the same, in general, new engines after 50 hours of work and 50 hours after repair or overhaul. The replacement cycle of the oil is generally carried out simultaneously with the oil filter (filter element), and the general oil replacement period is 250 hours or one month. With 2 types of oil, oil can be replaced once after 400 hours, but the oil filter (filter element) must be replaced.

If you want to determine the replacement time of the diesel generator set, then we have to understand some judgment methods, and there are two methods of discriminating replacement oil:
1. Use two diameter 0.5 cm and a glass test tube of 20 cm long, separately incorporate 19 cm new oil and used oil, and the two tubes are sealed simultaneously, record the time of bubbles rise, if the two differences When more than 20%, the viscosity of the oil used is too much, and should be replaced.
2. Put the new oil and use the oil drip all droplets on white filter paper. If there is more black dots in the used oil droplets, it indicates that the oil is not deteriorated, and should not be replaced; if the oil is dark brown, then For deterioration, replace it.
The replacement of diesel generator oil can protect the stable use of the generator set, which is also effective to extend the life of the diesel generator set, so it must be exactly determined in the process of using the diesel generator set. time. More diesel generator sets related to our company, please contact our company, we will answer your questions more detailed.

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