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Frequent five wrong operations in diesel generator sets

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(1) After the cold start, the unope is loaded with the load.
When the diesel finale is started, due to the high viscosity of the oil, the fluidity is poor, it is insufficient oil pump, and the machine friction is poorly losing, resulting in sharp wear, even pulling tiles, and burns. Therefore, after the diesel machine is cooled, it should be operated and the temperature is running. When the oil temperature reaches 40 ° C or more, the load is running; the machine should start the low speed gear, and the mileage in each gear is stepped in, until the oil temperature is normal, oil supply is sufficient Once, it can be turned to be normal.
(2) When the diesel engine is inadequate, it will cause insufficient oil supply oil due to insufficient oil supply, resulting in abnormal wear or burn. To this end, the machine should ensure that the oil is sufficient before the operation of the diesel engine, preventing the pull tacho, and burns the tile failure due to lack of oil.
3) Turn on the load or suddenly remove the load immediately after the load
After the diesel engine is turned off, the cooling water is stopped, and the heat dissipation capacity is lowered. The heat is loses cooling, which is easy to cause overheating of the cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder block, producing cracks, or over-expansion of the piston. On the other hand, the diesel engine is not turned down at the time of time, and the friction surface is insufficient. When the diesel engine is started again, wear is wear due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the diesel engine should be removed before the flameout, and gradually reduces the speed, and the air is run for a few minutes.
(4) After the diesel engine is cold, the throttle
If the fierce gates, the speed of the diesel engine has risen sharply, and some friction on the machine will be severely worn due to dry friction. In addition, the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft are changed, causing severe impact, causing damage to the machine.
(5) When the amount of cooling water is insufficient or cooling water, the oil temperature is too high.
Diesel machine cooling water will reduce its cooling effect, diesel engine is overheating due to effective cooling; cooling water, oil temperature is too high, and the diesel engine will also cause overheating. At this time, the cylinder head, cylinder block, piston assembly and valve are mainly affected, and the mechanical properties such as intensity, toughness, etc., so that the partition deformation is increased, reducing the mixing gap between parts, accelerating the wear of the machine, and serious It also produces cracks, and the failure of the machine is stuck. Cooling water, oil temperature is high, accelerate oil aging deterioration and burn, and the oil viscosity decreases, sleeve and piston and main friction pair conditions have deteriorated, and abnormal wear. Diesel engine overheat will degrade the combustion process of diesel engine, so that the injector is aborted, the atomization is poor, and the carbon deposit is increased.

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