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Do you know that the difference between the two startup methods of diesel generators?

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There are two ways to automate diesel generators, one is to start by manually manually, and the other is automatically started by the diesel generator control module. Today, I introduce you to the difference between two different starting methods.
First, manual start-up mode
1. Diesel generator manually started: First test the warning system normally, the control is concerned about the manual (MAN) position, the diesel generator set can start itself.
2, diesel generator parking: Cry the control switch to the stop (STOP) position or depress the red emergency stop button to stop the Cummins generator operation. The emergency stop can be directly pressed directly to the emergency stop. If the red emergency stop is pressed, it must be returned in place, otherwise the generator will not be able to start.
Second, automatic start-up mode
1. Care to the control switch to automatic (Auto), and mandraw the power supply automatic switching switch (ATS) control switch must also be placed in an automatic location. When the market is stopped, the ATS will give the starter signal to generator control system, generator It will automatically start.
2, when the control is concerned to stop (STOP), or remain in automatic, but the main electricity has been restored, the ATS is sent to the parking signal, and the diesel generator will automatically stop.
Note: The diesel generator in the operation is automatically stopped due to fault (over speed, high water temperature, low hydraulic pressure, etc.), and the generator must press the fault reset button after the troubleshooting is required to be restarted.

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