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Diesel generator set used in desert area - air-cooled diesel generator

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Jiangsu Xingguang Power Generation Co., Ltd. is a professional diesel generator set manufacturer in Jiangsu. I have an urgent customer, I want the principle that customers think. For many customers' special use environments for diesel generators in the extreme weather, such as desert, high temperature and cold, there is a broad man, the water is short of water, the summer is high, the temperature difference between day and night, Xinjiang starlight power Power company launched a new diesel generator set - air-cooled mobile diesel generator set.
The diesel generator set adopts the northern air-cooled diesel engine with a power range of 10-120KW. It has the advantage of the internationally renowned brushless copper self-excitation generator assembly, and the special wind-saving sand moving rain cover is very suitable for special areas. usage of. Such a wind-cooled diesel generator set is made of air-cooled cooling. It does not require the water tank to add water to cool, avoid high temperature, it is easy to produce water high temperatures and burn the diesel generator, and avoid the low temperature tanks in the night. The cylinder can cause the generator set to be used normally.
In addition, due to the large sands of the desert area, the company adds a wind-free moving rain cover outside the wind-cooled diesel generator set to ensure that this diesel generator can move anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the desert area. Provide you with emergency power supply.
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