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Diesel generator set operation procedures

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In order to beDiesel generator setsSafe, reliable operation, must do the following during use.
I. Check before the diesel generator sets:
1. Check that the battery wiring is correct;
2, check if the load line wiring is correct;
3. Check if the oil and cooling water are in the specified liquid;
4, check if the fuel is turned on;
5, check the air switching status (must be in an open position).
Second, boot, stop steps:
1. Turn the power conversion switch on the diesel machine by Box or unit control screen to the on-line;
2, start the diesel engine, see if the electrical instrument or controller is normal, whether the unit has an abnormal sound;
3, the diesel engine idle runs for a period of time (the water temperature is around 40 ° C) is raised to a stable speed;
4, check if the unit voltage is correct;
5, pay attention to observe the working state lights and hydraulic pressure, whether the water temperature is normal, whether the unit has abnormalities;
6. If the unit is normal to be connected to the unit;
7. If the load is required to remove the load before the load is removed, then the diesel speed can be reduced to idle;
8. If the unit has been running for a long time, the time limit is allowed to run for about 3 minutes and then press the stop button so that the unit has sufficient cooling time.
Third, pay attention:
1. The oil level used is not less than CD40;
2. If the machine group is not used for a long time, the battery power cord should be disconnected;
3, if the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C, the cooling water should be filled with cooling water after the shutdown;
4. Record each system state is normal in the unit operation, it is recommended to record each instrument parameter hourly;
5. When the unit is just stopped, do not open the water tank cover, otherwise the cooling water will spray burn.

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