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Diesel generator set operation management standard operation procedure

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First, the purpose
Regulate the operation management of diesel generators to ensure that the diesel generator is working well.
Second, the scope of application
Applicable to the operation management of diesel generators in the property jurisdiction.
Third, responsibilities
1. The Department of Engineering is responsible for inspecting the implementation of diesel power generation to operate management.
2. Mechanical Power Leader is responsible for the organization of the operation management of diesel generators.
3. When the value of the electromechanical maintenance member is responsible for the operation management of diesel generators.
Fourth, the program main points
1. Patrol monitoring
(1) When the value of the electromechanical maintenance member should closely monitor the operation of the generator and record once every 1 hour. The patrol parts include: diesel generators, cooling water tanks, smokers, returning air systems, control cabinets (boxes), storage tanks, batteries, and silencer systems.
(2) Inspection and monitoring content is as follows:
1 There is no abnormal sound or large vibration;
2 has no abnormal flavor;
3 Whether the smoke color is normal, there is oil leak (oil, diesel), leakage;
4 Whether the oil pressure cooling water temperature is normal;
5 Whether the frequency deviation is large;
6 three-phase, whether the single-phase voltage is normal, the three-phase current has overloaded;
7 Each signal light instructs whether it is normal;
8 Check the battery condition (temperature cannot exceed 45 ° C, semiconductor humidity meter);
Whether the return traffic is smooth;
⑩ Tighten the fasteners have loose phenomenon;
Diesel tank oil level;
Whether the silence effect is ideal;
Every half a month should make the spare diesel generator for half an hour.
(3) For abnormal conditions found in patrols, when the value of electromechanical maintenance members should be resolved in time. If you can't deal with the problem, you should report to the head of the department and request support to the engineering department. When rectification should comply with the\"Diesel Generator Maintenance Standard Operation Procedure\".
2, disposal of abnormal conditions of diesel generator
(1) Diesel generator \"Speed ​​\" location: When the diesel generator occurs \"Speed ​​\" phenomenon, when the value of the electromechanical maintenance member needs to be calm, calm, and quickly take measures:
1 Cutting the oil: pull the throttle switch to the stop position, if the diesel engine can't stop, you can remove the oil pump into the oil pipe or a high pressure tube;
2 cutting off the air: Use the items such as cotton coats to directly cover the air filter, or remove the air filter, directly from the items such as cotton coats (when cutting off the air path, must pay attention to safety);
3 prohibit or remove the load;
4 After the diesel engine is stopped, it should be found immediately. After troubleshooting, the test machine is running, everything can be officially used.
(2) The fire is disposed of\"fire, fire emergency treatment standard operating procedures\" during the fire, fire, fire emergency treatment standard operation procedure.
(3) Disposition of water immersion in diesel generator room:
1 Optimize the water condition to turn off the firewood generator operating in the machine room;
2 block a leakage source;
3 If the water leak is large, it should immediately notify the power management department and try to block the water;
4 After the water leakage is blocked, drain it immediately;
5 After drying water, the wet water equipment facility should be immediately dehumidified. Wipe with dry wipe, hot air blowing, natural ventilation, replacement related pipeline, etc .;
6 Confirm that the wet water has been eliminated, and each of the insulating resistors meets the requirements, boot trial operation; if there is no abnormal situation, it can be put into normal operation.
3. When the value of the electromechanical maintenance member should switch the diesel generator on time. For manual downtime oil generators, when stopping \"City Electric \", the diesel generator should be started within 15 minutes and start power; in the\"market \", the diesel power should be shut down within 20 minutes. machine.
4. For diesel generators, when the value of the electromechanical maintenance member should adjust its throttle size to make the power to achieve sufficient utilization depending on its load.
5, diesel generator room management
(1) If the non-duty personnel are not allowed to enter the machine room, if they need to enter, they must be agreed by the electrical department, and can enter the computer room with the accompanying staff.
(2) It is strictly forbidden to store flammable, explosive and dangerous goods in the machine room. Fire equipment should be presed in the machine room and place it in convenient and conspicuous. Smoking is forbidden in the machine room.
(3) Clean a room daily health, do dust, wall, ceiling, doors and windows, equipment facilities, no fluid, no polishing, no dirt, good paint, clean and bright.
(4) The machine room should be well ventilated, the light is sufficient, and the doors and windows are flexible.
(5) The machine room should be kept at any time, the key is kept by the maintenance of the electric maintenance staff, and the electromechanical maintenance member shall not be self-contained.
6, transfer
(1) The successor should take on time.
(2) The successor should listen carefully to handle the officers, and check the \"Diesel Generator Run Diary\", check the tool, the item is complete, and confirm the signature of the \"Diesel Generator Run Diary\" table.
(3) One of the following situations is not allowed to pass:
1 The last class of operation is clear;
2 Record is not standardized, incomplete, unclear;
3 computer room is not clean;
4 The successor did not arrive;
5 If the accident is being dealt with or when it is handled, it will be faulty. At this time, it should be responsible for continuing to handle it, and the successor assistance will be held.
7. When the value of the electromechanical maintenance staff should specify the operation of the diesel generator, in detail, clearly recorded in the \"Diesel Generator Run Diary\", and by the diesel generator electromechanical maintenance staff before the month 3 Monthly record finishing enrollment is filed by the electromechanical, and the storage period is two years.
V. record
\"Diesel Generator Run Diary\"
6. Related support documents
1, \"Diesel Generator Maintenance Standard Operation Procedure\"
2, \"fire alarm, fire emergency treatment standard operation procedure\"

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