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Diesel generator set maintenance cycle

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The first-level maintenance period is usually: each200-250hour/ 12Month
★ The outside of the unit is cleaned, including cooling tank external heat sink;
★ Tuning box of generators (batter);
★ Replacement of various filters;
★ Test and replacement of lubricants;
★ Cooling water inspection and replacement;
★ Adjustment of various transmission belts;
★ Examination of electrical systems such as the inspection and function test of the connector (protection system and automation system);
★ Inspection and adjustment of frequency;
★ Voltage examination and adjustment;
★ Electrolytic solution for battery;
★ The inspection of the external connection of the unit (such as leakage and loose).
The secondary maintenance period is usually: each1000Run hours/24Month
★ All service contents of the first-level maintenance
★ Adjustment of the engine, such as valve clearance;
★ Diesel injection pressure inspection adjustment;
★ Check adjustment in ignition angles;
★ The inspection of oil pressure and the correction of the oil pressure gauge;
★ Cooling water temperature check and correction of water temperature meter;
★ Charging generator inspected the battery of the battery;
★ Quality inspection of fuel;
★ Quality inspection of lubricants;
★ Quality inspection of cooling water.
The three-level maintenance period is usually: each2000Run hours
★ All service contents including one level maintenance and secondary maintenance
★ Adjustment of high pressure fuel pumps such as oil supply
★ Cooling water tank scale removal;
★ Removal of muffler dirt;
★ Replacement of the drive belt;
★ Drying treatment of generators (batter) (for moist environment) Cleaning of base fuel tank;
★ Start the maintenance carbon brush and replacement of the bearing;
★ Scales of cylinder cooling water jackets.

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