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Diesel engine leakage

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The injector is returned: the injector is a precision component. If the diesel engine uses no cleaning diesel or machinery for a long time, it will return oil due to the injection of the mouth. However, due to replacement of the injector, it is not economical, in order to avoid returning oil, the oil can be treated back to the oil tank, or the diesel filter is introduced. If the oil pipe is damaged, a plastic tube can be used, and the oil is introduced into the self-contained container, and the oil tank is retrieved after filtration.
Oil oil spill: It can be appropriately processed separately: the gasket of the oil pipe hollow screw is uneven, the gasket can be unloaded, the grinding pad, such as still solving the problem, can replace the new washer, or use thicker soft plastic material Cut into a washer change; the plastic oil pipe is leaked with the metal joint, mostly the plastic pipe hardening or rupture, can be cut, the crack portion, then use hot water to heat the soft, hot in the metal joint, then use metal Breaking; metal oil pipe rupture oil leak, can weld the broken solder welding. In addition, in order to prevent the oil pipe cracking, when the oil pipe is installed, the bend should be appropriate, do not have a hard work, do not contact the body, avoid grinding.
Vegetable chamber cover oil: The valve chamber cover is installed, if the fastening force is too strong, it is easy to deform oil. At this time, the oil-proof the valve chamber cover can be unloaded with a wooden stick, so that the contact surface will restore the flat, then, the pad is placed, and it can be installed.

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