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China-US route part is shalmed about why China does not have a big power outage

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\"You listen carefully to me! All, everything will close \"

When the protagonist wants to hang up this phone that is unware of the cloud, the signal is interrupted, all the light-lit electrical appliances start flashing, the screen picture is distorted, and the child broke out. The highway is in black, as if there is a pair of black big hands to expantrically, the bright windows are swallowed in the dark, only the wires exposed at the corner flashed the fire.

This is the opening of a US drama, and the big power outage is one of the most important scenes of the film and television drama.

Just as the British poet Thomas Elliot writes in\"hollow people\": \"When the world declares, it is not a ring, but the sound of \. \"

So far, a total of 25 load-bearing accidents in the world has a total power failure accident of ≥8 million kilowatts. In this list, we have not found the figure of mainland China.

Perhaps, this is still not reluctant. How is the installed capacity and grid size China, how is it become a \"security model representative \"? Al or, the grid is safe for decades, does it mean that we are getting closer and closer from major power outages?

25th world major power outages in the United States

The Mund Duoyun of the World Major Power-off Accident is a senior worker of the former power department, the International Grid Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Cigre) member, the Electrical and Electronic Engineer Association (hereinafter referred to as IEEE). He sent a related article many times in academic journals such as Cigre, IEEE.

According to the severity of the power failure, the loss of load loss is ≥8 million kilowatts per load, 25 times a total of 25 times. This approach has been default the international academic world.

In these 25 accidents, the most serious time is \"8 ˙14 beauty and power outages \", the load loss reached 70 million kilowatts.

On August 14, 2003, the US Eastern China Time 16:11, the big power outage took place in the northeast of the United States and the southeastern part of the United States, and the three-return line came up with the tree trip, the load was transferred to other lines, leading to full network loss. Radiate. Under unreasonable relay protection, more than 200 lines, 508 generators in 265 power plants have been tripped, including 19 nuclear power sets of 10 nuclear power plants.

Large-powered wave and eight states, 50 million people. 10 million people in the two provinces of Canada have also been affected. In addition, there is at least 8 people die at least.

After 12 hours, New York and other urban resumed power supply. After 29 hours, 90% of the power outage area resumed power supply.

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