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Analysis of the cause analysis of the start of the generator set and the solution

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1.1, press the start button,Generator setNo reaction or rotation is very slow
Possible Causes:
1) Insufficient battery power
2) The battery line and the pile head are loose
3) Intermediate relay failure
4) Starter failure
5) Control box fault
1) Check the battery charging amount
2) Check and fasten the battery line and pile head
3) Check if the intermediate relay movement is normal
4) Maintenance starter
5) Check the safety of the fuses and board ports in the control box.
1.2, the engine can be rotated to a certain speed, but cannot catch fire
Possible Causes:
1) Injectable no oil-free discharge (not smooth)
2) The fuel system penetrates into the air
3) The injection pump fuel injection time is not accurate or fuel injection pump failure
1) Check the oil passage from the fuel tank to the oil pump without air leakage, blockage
2) Open the exhaust screw to check the oil situation
3) Re-trial adjustment of fuel injection
4) Replace the fuel injection pump
1.3, after starting, stop
Possible Causes:
1) The oil road is not smooth, the filter is blocked, the oil supply pump is faulty
2) The air filter is seriously blocked
3) Airborne Taste Fault
4) Temperature is too low
Note View the alarm status indication on the machine on the machine
1) Check the oil road smooth situation, if necessary, change the diesel filter
2) Check the condition of the air filter
3) Replace the injector

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